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Default Re: Normalizing vs Compression or Limiting

+1 to Albee.
I have seen on many counts people reporting that normalizing can add errors. Plus, normalizing in theory doesn't help. Making an entire track louder pre-fader or pre-plug ins is silly, when headroom is important. If you need +1db, use the fader. If you need +1db before the fader adjust your output gain. If you need better source gain to print adjust your mic pre, and if you need better singla to your mic pre adjust your mic placement.

Now as Albee said, using the gain plug in to manually even out a recording because of some flubbed note is worthwile. I do the same thing often with vocals particularly because they tend to be more dependant on dynamics = feel. Where as musician's can play louder with the same feel if you need to punch.
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