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Default Re: Normalizing vs Compression or Limiting

My 2 cents. I never use normalizing. When mixing, I often use the AudioSuite GAIN plugin to raise/lower the level of bits and pieces to even out a performance, like a vocal phrase sung too soft or a keyboard line or chord played too loud or soft as compared to the rest of the track. I will use compression on most vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and on a stereo buss for drums. When it comes to mastering, I will analyze the entire track to find where the peaks are and IF the track is peaking at lower than -2, I might add gain to get it close to -0(but not all the way). That way, my mastering limiter will have a strong input and I can go very gentle with it(never more than 2db of gain reduction). Bringing in a bounced PT mix that hits -0 tends to sound crunchy and mastering limiters make it worse so if that happens, I will bounce again after pulling all audio tracks down by 2-3db. In any case, I find analyzing and adding gain makes me feel more in control of the final levels(even if that is in my mind). Tried the normalize function in both Wavelab and Pro Tools and just don't like it.
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