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Default Apogee Symphony (MK1 and MK2) in Pro Tools HD mode. Low latency Monitoring?

Hi all.

I currently own and use the Apogee Symphony IO MK1 and am considering upgrading to the MK2.

My question relates to the device in "Pro Tools HD" mode. I use a hybrid setup with several Hardware inserts. Pro Tools native does not automatically compensate for the latency incurred when using hardware inserts (unless you have their hardware) so I am planning to use My Symphony in "Pro Tools HD" mode via an HD native thunderbolt device.

The question is this: When using the MK2 in Pro Tools mode am I still able to use apogee's "control" software to monitor with near zero latency? When switching my Symphony MK1 to Pro Tools HD mode, the Maestro mixer section disappears.

I'm hoping that I can use the MK2 in Pro Tools HD mode while also making use of the Apogee Control Mixer to monitor as I track.

Anyone out there using the Symphony with Pro Tools? any tips or advise? I've heard that the MK2's latency via thunderbolt is quite good but without Pro Tools HD mode I'm still dealing with Hardware insert latency.

Blake Henderson
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