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Default Re: Upgrading a Mac Pro 5.1 12core 2.4Ghz

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
You're right about misinformation. PCI-express is connected to Northbridge a.k.a. fastest bus available. SATA however connects to Southbridge.

What the poster probably meant is the cheesegrater has integrated SATA drive bays which makes it "internal" and connecting more storage via PCI-express seems to be "external". Tehcnically however it is just the opposite.
Thanks for the explanation.
As to your second paragraph whether a drive is considered external seems to depend on the OSX in use. My system drive is a 1TB ssd on a pcie adapter card that I originally had just OSX 10.10.5 on it. After a while I decided to get brave and try out PT 11.3.2 on Sierra OSX 10.12.6 so I partitioned the ssd into two equal size partitions.

When I boot into the Sierra partition (which is my now normal working partition) and have Finder show external disks it shows both boot partitions on my desktop. If I boot into Mavericks and have Finder show external disks it shows neither boot partition.

Originally when I had just the one boot partition on that ssd I had it mounted in one of the regular drive bays. When I moved it to the pcie card it sped up something wonderful. So drive-for-drive pcie will always be faster.
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