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Default Re: External thunderbolt 2 drive recommendations

You are looking at a Raid HDD, using SATA drives. So significantly slower than even Thunderbolt 2 is capable of. Why not SSD?

You are asking for recommendations and not given any useful actual needs... Starting with storage space. Performance? (how but are your sessions?) Are you doing video? (OTOH disk cache can help mitigate many IO performance issues... are you able to run with a large disk cache?).

Where do you VI samples go?

The best storage performance you will get is recording to the NVMe PCIe 3 x 4 internal SSD in the Mac Pro. I'd want to use that even with full disk cache, starting up sessions, saving stuff, etc. is just fast. The trashcan is such a stupid design that it is not possible to connect equivalently fast storage to it (would be if it had Thunderbolt 3).

Do you have space to run sessions on the internal SSD? Or can you upgrade that internal SSD (or if you just purchased one, can you return it and swap for one with a maxed out the internal SSD?)

Then the external drive goals may be for backup archive and transfer. For backup you are likely better off with multiple separate HDD, including ability to easily store away from the computer. USB 3.0 is fine for SATA based HDD. If you already deal with that say via backup/archive to NAS and/or cloud then maybe you may not even need that.
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