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Default Re: Report you PT8 exp. here

Originally Posted by Crank1000 View Post

1. Amplitube 2 doesn't work at all. UNUSABLE. I get constant -6086 errors within seconds of just playing through Amplitube. Not playing the session or recording. I know it's not Amplitube because it works fine standalone.
Try reducing the number of CPU's in the Playback Engine.

2. I get constant errors in general using nothing but the included PIs. I can't work for more than 5-10 minutes without an error. That means that half the time, the error occurs during a record take.
What are the error numbers?

3. Now the smart tool is very counter-intuitive. I have to scroll down in the midi track to move a note. I understand that now nobody is allowed to complain about MIDI editing within the edit window because there is a MIDI editor, but the problem is, when I am playing a full session looking for errors, I'm in the edit window. Then I find a problem with the MIDI track, I open the MIDI editor, and I have to find the spot again. Aggravating.
You can link them. See the What's New guide for info on how to do that.

4. Pre fader metering doesn't work when a track is record enabled. I think this has been a problem for a few releases though.
This is an issue we're aware of.

5. If I record a track, then move my cursor somewhere else in the session, then decide I didn't like the take and undo the record. I now have to manually reposition my cursor to where it was. It used to remember for me.
Do you possibly have 'Timeline Insertion Follows Playback' enabled?

6. MIDI tracks default to region view, so even if I choose to use the edit window for MIDI editing, I have to change the view to Notes, and then scroll down for half an hour to get to my notes.
I'll look into this. I don't have an answer for you right off hand.

7. A session that had a drumkit that was doctored up in Beat Detective in a previous release takes about 20 minutes to load in PT8 (only the first time though).
Please see the READ ME for information on waveform overviews having to be recalculated.

8. Did I mention I can't work for more than 5-10 minutes without an error?
You did, but you need to give us the error numbers and be specific about what you're doing when the errors occur. Are you sure all waveform overviews have finished being recalculated before working in the session?

9. In the open session window, I can't use arrow keys to navigate to higher folders. Once I close a session, and bring up the open session dialog, I am put into the folder of the session I was just using, and the only way to move out is to go to the mouse and select a drop down menu. So now if I accidentally go one folder short, I have to do it again. Would be nice to just be able to move freely about my folders with arrow keys. It has always worked before. Not sure why they took that away from us.
This is another one I'll have to look into.

10. This happened one time, and I haven't been able to reproduce it yet, but I was able to do it consitantly before I convicted to the bug and moved on. I recorded about 2 measures of a drum beat. Quantized it to 16th notes. One of the kicks didn't quantize to the grid, so I manually moved it to the grid. When I selected the note, another note was CREATED on the Hat note. So to recap, I grab a kick note, and a hat note was created. I undid it. Tried again. It happened again. I could tried it several more times, and it faithfully did it every time. Then I noticed I couldn't select the note that was "under" the new note that was created. I got frustrated and left the room and went to get lunch.
I'm pretty sure this is a known issue, also covered in the READ ME. I'll check again to be sure....

11. I can't guarantee this is a pro tools bug, but I've never had this happen to me before with my older versions... I recorded a full drum kit. I listened back, and there was about 1 second of audio in one of the OHs that was cutting out. I couldn't get this to happen again though.
I don't know what to say - without reproducibility, it's difficult to determine what, if anything, is wrong.

12. I can't explain this one: I recorded a drum kit and mixed it (pan an PIs). I always mix Drummer's perspective, so Hat=left, Ride=right. I noticed that I was hearing audience perspective in the OHs only. Then I looked and notice the inputs were switched on the OHs. Figuring it was user error, I just fixed the problem (or so I thought). I moved OHR to above OHL and renamed the tracks accordingly, and re-panned them accordingly. I closed the session. reopened the session. WTF?? My drum panning switched back, but everything else stayed how I left it. Couldn't get this to happen again either.
See previous reply.

13. After the first time I launched PT after a VERY clean install, PT froze while trying to open a session. I tried to force quit. Nothing. I hard restarted the computer. Now my finder is missing? I erase Databases and preferences and hard restart about 4 more times, and then my finder comes back. hmmm. Then PT seems to launch fine and open the session.
Are you sure it wasn't recalculating waveform overviews?

14. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I can't work for more than 5-10 minute without an error. Even with a session with only 1 instrument track with Xpand 2 on it, and 2 audio tracks with Vocal PI chains (EQ3, TL Aggro, send to Verb Aux with a D-verb).
Repeating the same thing over and over isn't going to help without details. You're wasting your and my time with this kind of thing. Please - give us something to work with! We want to help, but can't if all you say is 'I can't work for more than 5-10 minutes without an error'.

I have to mention that I found all these thing s within about 4 hours of using PT8. I'm not sure how they got by to release.
Before we go making insinuations like that, let's see if we can't get more details from you about your system. Pro Tools 8 went through a rigorous beta testing and the beta testers gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up before we released it.

Please see the Help Us Help You and General Troubleshooting threads for details about what we need to know to assist you properly.
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