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Default Re: Liquid Mix TDM with Win7????


Think I'm understanding the problem magnitude , try to clarify for future references.

The main problem to have Liquid Mix HD running in Windows 7 is the evident differences of the folders structure between Windows 7 and Windows XP , the XP path "C:\Documents and Settings\" are replaced with the "C:\Users" in Win 7 , Win 7 can interact with certain XP applications though a junction that "links" one to another , but sadly not the case of the Liquid Mix HD emulations files.

This work in the way the guys described for many reasons. Something essential in the linking of the emulations path occurs when install the plugin that make the 1.2 installation directly in Windows7 can't see the emulation files (even if are placed in the juction that represents "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LiquidMix") , that make me guess when the plugin is installed in a XP partition (or extra XP hd) and the plugin are moved/copied to the mentioned W7 partition the plugin stay taking the emulations from the XP partition.

I think the problem is the kind of stationary way of linking the paths in the installation time.

I gonna try to do a dummy XP hd that contain the emulations installed and mount in the machine.

I will update the experience in this same post.

Many thanks to everybody.
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