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Default Re: User tips for D command & D control


Here's the latest updated versions of the ICON Tutorials for D-Control and D-Command. Apparently the previous DigiDelivery expired. This one should be good.



Name: ICON Tutorials (D-Command and D-Control)
Size: 66.56 MB
Expires: 5/27/10 7:21 PM

Sender's Message:
ICON Operation 2.23.10


Click this link to download your delivery:

(DigiDelivery should ask where you want to download the delivery. If not, just copy and paste the link into any web browser)

This delivery must be downloaded before 5/27/10 7:21 PM


You must have the DigiDelivery client installed.
To download the client go to

Once the client is installed, just return to this e-mail and click the delivery link above.
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