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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Out of the "100" PIA plugins i probably have 70-80 and i was slightly interested in the FR channel strip but not enough to pay more than ~70 USD(after voucher), but nothing else.

I was already at the "Meh, they dont have anything else i really want" point anyway-i was only hoping for the Amek channel strip.

So at this point i really don't care. I will catch stuff when it's so old the price will drop, and if it doesn't- well no big deal.

I vaguely remember an email from PIA a couple of years back about some changes to the company internally that were going on, so this didn't surprise me all that much- if i was to guess , I would say they have taken on some kind of venture capital or other debt that hasn't been as easy to pay off as they had hoped and have been "guided" into doing something they may not have done a few years back. Don't really know , just a feel i got from all the clues of the past few years.
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