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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
You're not kidding my friend> As you may know I also take part in a thread over on Gearslutz that asks the question: who uses Plugin Alliance. The last few pages Dirk has really taking a slagging over this debacle. For those that don't do Fakebook here's something that user Volt9 on GS posted that Dirk posted on FB:

Dirks message on FB:

This group has a tendency of tagging me personally about everything and anything that’s being asked or said here. While this is often funny and flattering, people seem to forget that this is not just “me” doing everything at PA. I own the company, so I take responsibility, but I am not alone.
Did he just kind of sort of throw his staff out in front of the bus? Dang!!!!
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