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Default Re: Favorite Aqua Plugins

Some of their plugins sound excellent and some are merely good. The price difference between something like El Rey (a great compressor) and another company's heavy tube character compressor in no way puts El Rey off the table if you're a working professional. We're talking about a $50-100 difference for something you may use every day. It is among the best-sounding plugin for that genre. That said, I find myself using it less and less as time goes by. Not so much because of its sound but because of its CPU usage and insane delay. And because I've found a few others in 2019 that make El Rey less essential (Kush AR-1, for instance).

As an aside, I find the company to be overly convoluted and obscure and their product line follows suit. You want a certain type of EQ or compressor? Good luck telling them apart based upon product descriptions. I've gone to their site three separate times recently and expected to leave with a new plug. I gave up quickly and went home empty-handed, each time. I also didn't want to deal with the installation and authorization scheme.

But, in general, their products do sound great.
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