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Default Re: Pro Tools + ASIO4ALL = Lag so bad I can't record

“High buffer rates”? Something is confused there. A more powerful computer and better set up computer handles lower IO buffer sizes and higher sample rates.

What is your sample rate? Calculate *exactly* what the delay you expect is....

delay = # samples / session sample rate

1024 samples is a large IO buffer. It will cause obvious perceptible delays. If you are fighting latency with software monitoring while tracking you should try to decrease this number down to Something like 64 or 128 samples. You decrease as far as wanted or until limited by AAE CPU errors.

None of this may matter how “powerful” your computer is, running reliably at low IO buffer sizes is about getting all the little things right, and you are starting here using ASIO4ALL which is a significant handicap to operating at low IO buffer sizes.

If running at a small IO buffer size does not fix this then you have something else setup wrong, like a high-latency plugin or unnecessary signal routing. But you will only make progress once you get the IO buffer set small.
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