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Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post to best use it.
Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson View Post
HEAT sounds appropriately subtle when you drop the level of each track down to -20dBFS=0VU or lower with clip-gain and then mix with it on. It doesn't sound good when hitting it any higher than that or after the fact on a mix.
Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson View Post
Clip-gain gives you lots more control over HEAT.
Originally Posted by tetonica View Post
....I love HEAT. At first I was using HEAT's tube saturation (drive turned to right / clockwise) but now I set HEAT to tape saturation (drive knob to left / counterclockwise) and it feels more smooth and pleasant....
And the Avid "Download the video" under "AUDIO SAMPLES" from here is worth a look:

Good luck Donald - I'm sure you'll love it!
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