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Default Re: Can't create new project

Originally Posted by eddieandrews View Post
OK. I think I have it.

1. You need to create an "Avid Master Account". Yes, I know we've already created a user/password when we downloaded the software, but this is different.

2. Link the accounts. Yes, again this is utter silliness to do this, but once created, I saw two other account on the bottom left, and one account (iLok) on the bottom right. iLk was apparently already linked, but I had to click on each account, create/register the same information for both.

THEN it worked.

There software must be good because this registration stuff is awful.
Eddie, what other account did you link to your master account? I have a master account, which I'm using to log in to Pro Tools First. I have an account on the DUC, but it won't link to the master account -- gives an error. Is there some other account you linked to your master account to get this to work?
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