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Originally Posted by x9blade View Post
will there a real fix besides this workaround? or is this just the way its gonna be
Well unfortunately the real fix is to find out what driver is holding off processing for too long; it's a bit of a limitation of how Windows is designed in relation to real time software like Pro Tools (see the link below for the full explanation) that leaves it open to this vulnerability. That said, if all the vendors' drivers on a system behave properly, it should all work well and shouldn't give any problems. While Pro Tools could just not report this error, that would potentially allow for noise to occur (the 6031 change was put in because some users were experiencing noise in this situation); generally we would rather throw an error than allow noise to get into someone's recording. What we might be able to do in the future is provide more information in the error about what driver is misbehaving, and / or allow the user to decide if they want to risk the noise and have Pro Tools disregard the error.

There is a utility for tracking down the source of this type of problem, and it's web page also details the nature of this problem (which doesn't just affect Pro Tools; it could affect almost any real time software). They give steps that can help narrow down the driver that's misbehaving (technically, causing a high DPC (deferred procedure call) latency):

Also, here's one more thing to check: when you're getting the 6031's, do they still happen if you move the Pro Tools window almost all the way off the screen (far to the lower right off the screen, but not minimized)? If so, the video driver may be involved. Let us know if that's the case, as we might be able to adjust how we interact with the display.

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