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Default Re: Waves Plugins disappeared from folder after creating New User

Thanks for the response Jonathan! I ended up having to uninstall my Waves plugs and then reinstall them, but I will answer your questions below.

1. When I went to my original (and previously only) account on the computer, and opened a session I had been working on, I was getting the same error message (plugins not in plugin folder). In other words, after I created the new user, the Waves plugins were not in the right place on either user profile.

2. The user account previous to all of this was an administrator user, and the only user ever on this computer.

3. The account that was created was a standard user, and not an administrator.

Ultimately, I have no idea why this happened. This is a studio use only computer, and is never online for browsing other than downloading software for the computer or sessions, or uploading files to be emailed. Also, to get this out of the way, this computer has never had any type of hacked plugins on it.

Either way, right now, it is running fine, and the sessions opened up as they did before the issue. I appreciate the help . If you have time and feel like letting me know what you think might have happened, I'd be interested to know to avoid the issue again!

PT 11.3.0
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