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Default Re: Disk Warrior to repair Mac OSX Sierra?

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Unfortunately that machine check does not make it easy to point to anything. But it implies is very unlikely to be a corrupted disk. Machine checks like this are often low-level hardware issues. If it was a more benign run of the mill driver/kext issue you usually hope to see more useful panic info. But not always.

So you should try starting over with that full clean macOS install. If you have any problems there I would open up the Mac and physically remove every PCIe card and disconnect every external peripheral and network connection possible. And boot and see if the problem can happen again (try Pro Tools using Built-In Output). If that solves the issue Power Off and try reinserting/reattaching stuff in batches, and installing the needed drivers, and see if the problem comes back.

If testing with a clean macOS install and no cards/peripherals attached does not help then run Hardware Test on the Mac.

If this keeps reoccurring, even if hardware test does not find a memory issue, memory is still always a suspect. And you have lots of it installed, so pull DIMMS out in batches and try running with not the full memory. Much more than that and your Mac Pro may need to visit a repair center.

And I'll note you have several kext's installed including old iLok (for snowleopard!?!). You should be keeping your system clean and up to date. You also seem to be running SMB disk sharing, presumably to a NAS. When you do a clean install keep all that stuff uninstalled and disconnected until you know the system is working OK, and focus first on just installing Pro Tools and using built-in output with no extra stuff installed. And don't use Apple migration assassin to move stuff software or drivers to your new clean macOS install.

Why is the bootprom so old?. Personally I'd keep that up on the latest. But hold off making lots of changes there now if this was working OK before.
Thank you very much for your help. Some old software is because I have been using migrating when upgrading to newer OS. This problem started to happen on my last PT upgrade, before the system was very stable. Like it crashed last night, and today I have been working on the machine for 10 hours so far and zero issues...that is the most frustrating! I can not tell why it crashes, I think it has to do with editing sound very fast? I am also getting a lot of video 'loops' where the video just plays the wrong section or loops and plays the video over and over. As far as re-building form scratch, yes of course, that is the way to go, but I am mixing 3 features right now, so there is no chance I can stop and take days to diagnose (also I don't know computer like you do...I am just a user and no technical computer knowledge). Looking forward to a new Mac Pro whenever all software is ready!
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