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Default Re: Can I replace faders myself?

Originally Posted by Jamie Mac View Post
It's very easy to replace or clean the faders yourself. Just open the back with a screwdriver and pop out the faders.

Be sure to first try and clean them. As sometimes it's just dirt stuck on the track that is the culprit. You would be surprised how much dust and dirt falls in there.

We had thought we had to swap over half of the ES32 D-Control Faders but we followed a youtube video and sfter a good clean out of ALL faders and the tracks they run on ALL faders were 100% again so not a cent was spent, only a few hours of meticulous cleaning and dust sucking with a small USB vacuum cleaner on a long thin telescope arm

4 hours later and a LOT of those cotton thingies people use to clean the ears inside with and those packages was like 2 USD a box so 250-ish ”tops” used and we spent less than 5 bucks on that whole fix !!
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