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Default EQ and DYN not displaying on knobs or Master module

Hi All.

Strange one here:

Recently updated to 19.5.1 with no problems, the system was running perfectly for a week or so. Suddenly the S6 is no longer displaying EQ or DYN controls on the Knobs on the strips (when selecting via the EQ and DYN buttons on the processor module), nor are the parameters showing under the EQ/DYN sections under the home page on the MCM.

All parameters are available however via the INS button on the strips and in the MCM. Full parameter control works here no problem.

Pushing the EQ and DYN buttons does bring up the plug-in windows in Pro Tools, but the knobs on the strips are just blank (unless accessed via the INS). Pushing the EQ/DYN buttons even instantiates a default plug-in as normal.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Hoping not to have to do system restore.
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