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Default Re: Increase in PT performance going from 32GB RAM to 64?

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
If you already have your disk cache configured large enough to fully cache your sessions and are not seeing issues when running VIs and not getting other errors it is not likely to make any difference (except taking longer to POST ).

Extra memory won't really hurt... but what else can you spend that money on, I'd sure be looking at installing PCIe/NVMe boot/system drives on older Mac Pros for example (requires Mojave/recent Boot ROM image). I think you have a Mac Pro Cheesegrater right?

Extra memory can also help if you dont have DRAM DIMMs spread across the memory channels already. But again, if you are not seeing errors today, you likely wont' notice a real world difference.
I have a Mac Pro 5,1 with 96 gigs of RAM. I have my cash set to 32 gigs so I load the entire sound post project into the RAM and still have 64 gig of RAM for whatever else the computer needs to do. So...even after reading the entire project from RAM I still get: "Could not get from drive fast enough' errors. My video is reading from an internal SSD and the audio is reading from the RAM but it resides in an external LaCie USB 3. So...somehow, Pro Tools still gives this error when it is not even reading fort the drive!
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