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Default True Peak Normalization: Workflow?

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
$400 and that broadcast-focused feature list are waaaaaay overkill for what I'm trying to do.
Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Also Izotope Elements should be able to do it (which Pro Tools gave away for free as a gift) within Pro Tools. Full RX7 or Ozone can.
I do have RX Elements as a loyalty reward. I'll look into that.
Originally Posted by amagras View Post
"Doesn't sound like" won't take you far. Did you try it?
I just don't think you quite understand what I'm trying to accomplish (although I thought I spelled it out). You're suggesting I gain the file up/down to where it's just kissing the -2.0dBTP threshold? Seems wonky to me. I'd rather have offline analysis without the limiter to worry about, ideally plus the ability to change gain within the same plugin.

Regardless, the workflow I used on my latest project:

1) Print audio in real time
2) Analyze printed file in real time using MAAT DRMeter MKII (multitasking while listening to print for problems)
3) Use AudioSuite Gain plugin to bring file to -2.0dBTP
4) Export to desired format(s)

It worked pretty well. Not ideal, but better than using three different programs.
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