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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by StillHollow View Post
I think they have a difficult job to do managing competing interests of the various plugin developers so this is likely why we see the business model all over the map in regards to offerings. I grabbed a lot of stuff when they were sending me vouchers with no minimum limit on purchase.

Unfortunately for everyone in the business Waves has comoditized the plugin business so we all now expect $29 for everything. I will absolutely pay more for a very special plugin but I no longer drop $150 on a plugin without thinking long and hard and justifying the price based on need for a client’s session for example.

UAD may not be as affected in this area but I would bet they are still selling less than before that all happened about two years ago.
Agreed. $29 has long been the new standard! Plenty of great pro offerings at that price.

UAD have been affected is seems. Sure, they still retain their 'premium' status but even their prices are tumbling. It's a buyer's market for sure

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