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Default Re: 192 not recognized from Core card, but IS from Accel Card. Advice?

Originally Posted by ekhan View Post
Hi...I run PTHD 3 and had the same situation going on after changing a mac pro (interface recognized from accel card instead from core card). It worked fine with no issues as I was able to run old sessions from before with all of the plugins and hw inserts. Long story short, it's just the orientation of the flex cable connecting core and accel card. If you revers it (flex cable), your interface should be seen by the system when hooked up to the core card. Eventually I reversed the order of the flex cables to have interface connected to core card simply to avoid any confusion in scenario when I take macpro to different facilities. Hope this helps...
Hmm, I thought I made sure the flex cable was correct. Ill give it a second look. But to clarify tho, as far as DSP allocation goes, Im not losing anything by having the Accel Card be my " master " so to speak, am I ?

It would be a PITA to take apart my rig at the moment so I just wanna make sure that Im not causing any physical or " virtual " harm by leaving it as is temporarily.

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