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Post Re: HDX on MacPro5.1 Westmere,Xeon W3690, PT12.8.3 HD?

Originally Posted by alonper View Post
Mac Pro 5.1 Westmere, 3.46Ghz (W3690), 32GB DDR1333Mhz, 480SSD PCIe.
we will install High Sierra, But we've got to be sure that this Mac is good for the HDX system and PT12.8.3 and even for the PT2018...
That processor speed is not constant, unless this is a modified Mac Pro. The fastest, continuous processor speed for that model was 3.33GHz.

Why does your MacPro4,1 not work for HDX? I understand that it may be a bit sluggish, though I have users with 2.93GHz MacPro4,1 with HDX (1 card) and two I/Os that are able to work without incident. One person I used to work with complained about a 4,1 being sluggish when I upgraded him to PT12.3.1 and OS X Mavericks.

The 5,1 can run High Sierra. Whether or not it will run PT2018 on High Sierra in a way that you deem acceptable is another matter. I haven't tried that combination yet.

The one thing you want to look out for on any Mac Pro tower is the RAM configuration. The 4,1 and 5,1 use triple-channel memory. This means that you get maximum performance with 6 RAM chips installed, not the maximum of 8 RAM chips.

Also, I have seen the ATI HD5770 on 5,1 towers fail. Its not a definitive failure either. Sometimes the computer would work for minutes, other times for hours, and then BAM! Instant restart. This is a sign that the ATI HD5770 graphics card is failing. I spent several days tracking that down. Don't trust Apple Hardware Test to catch it either. I had to swap out the ATI HD5770 graphics card to confirm that it was at fault.
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