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Default HDX on MacPro5.1 Westmere,Xeon W3690, PT12.8.3 HD?

Hello Experts!

We will be glad to get your help.
Currently, we are running PT10 HD on Mac Pro 4.1, Nahlem, 16GB 1033Mhz using 2 PCIe cards with 3 IOs. There are a lot of reasons why upgrading our PT, some of them are because of bugs and really slow flow.
So we bought HDX system, 1 PCIe and two IOs, and new PT12 license.
We found that our old Mac isn't good for the HDX hardware (and PT12 HD) and we must buy a new hardware.
So, before buying a new Mac Pro, I would like to get your advice regarding this Mac :
Mac Pro 5.1 Westmere, 3.46Ghz (W3690), 32GB DDR1333Mhz, 480SSD PCIe.
we will install High Sierra, But we've got to be sure that this Mac is good for the HDX system and PT12.8.3 and even for the PT2018...

Thanks in advance,
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