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Default Re: PT 2020.5 Catalina Licensing Problems

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Some things to try.

Install/reinstall the latest ILM.

What does the ILM show you is the *actual* license is on the iLoc?

Synchronize that iLok.

Do a refresh Subscriptions as well (any warnings there?)

(it's easy to imagine 2020.x won't' run if you have an old license on the iLok and have not updated it. But that won't explain why old versions don't run.).

Beyond that contact Avid Support.
Hey Darryl,

Thanks for the suggestions:
My ILM app is the current version, and I tried reinstalling it. I've synchronized the iLok and there are no errors. Everything looks fine in ILM - I have a current perpetual license (which doesn't work for 2019.6 or 2020.5 on my iMac, but works on my Macbook). Nothing with refresh subscriptions.

Still waiting to hear from Avid Support. I put in a ticket about a week ago.

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