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Default PT 2020.5 Catalina Licensing Problems

Last week I updated my iMac Pro (2017) to Catalina 10.15.5 and Pro Tools from 2019.6 to 2020.5 (the current download link under my active Pro Tools perpetual license on my products page). Every time I try to open Pro Tools, I get an activation pop up, and have to log in. I then get this message:

"Select License To Activate: You don't have any licenses in your account, or none of your licenses have activations available, or their license limits will keep them from authorizing the software. If you have an iLok USB device with a license activated on it, please plug it in now. You do not have any pending deliveries for the license(s) you need to authorize the software."

For some reason Pro Tools doesn't seem to be able to see my iLok/the license on it. I'm using an iLok 2 (physical license, not a cloud session). I have other plugin licenses that are working properly with Logic Pro X, so it seems to be a Pro Tools issue.

Everything worked fine previously. I understand that Catalina is now supported, so I'd like to avoid rolling back if possible. I've tried going back to Pro Tools 2019.6, but I still have the same problem. I have the same issue if I move my license to a cloud session, and if I deactivate it/reactivate it.

I still have Mojave and PT 2019.6 installed on my Macbook Pro, and it still functions as normal without any licensing problems.

I'm totally stumped! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I have an open support ticket, but it's been about a week with no response.

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