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Default Re: Avid Artist Mix Driver & Firmware Trouble - Please Help!

Originally Posted by Just Another Guy View Post
Thank you @musicman691 for your replies! I installed El Capitan as an update. They are still available on the Apple Site. I'm not sure what the question about "moving" to EU means. I have an Avid Artist Mix, so would I not need EU Control in order to run it and have it talk to my applications? I need to know what version of it I need for this operating system, why it asks me to update the firmware and then doesn't allow it, and why there are large yellow blocks on the Artist Mix screen instead of the usual little dotted rectangles when it's not in use.
You did the update all wrong and that's part of the problem you're having. It may be the 'Apple Way' but it's NOT the right way if you want a fully functioning system. Not only that but as I keep saying and just about everyone else here will agree is that El Crapitan is possibly the worst OSX Apple put out.

I didn't mention anything about moving to EU - don't know where you got that. There's some work you're going to have to do yourself. First is to see what version of Eucontrol you need for either Sierra or High Sierra. That also means do a clean install of either OSX version. Just going over the top of an existing install won't cut it. THEN do a completely clean install of PT and your plugins. Do NOT use Migration Assassin or Time Machine to do the job. Then install whatever revision of Eucontrol you need.
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