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Default Re: 003 Rack, Command 8, Roland XP-80 & PT

Sorry for the long response wait. Here is what I am trying to do.
I have a Roland XP-80 Keyboard. I like the patches I have in it, along with some add-on patches. I want to load a MIDI file off the internet, and have the XP-80 play the sounds. Then I can go in, assign different patches and tweek it as needed.
Right now, I have a STEREO AUX track and a MIDI TRACK. I show input when I RECORD ENABLE but no sound. I selected a patch from my drop down menu on the MIDI track and still get no sound.
My MIDI THRU are set to ON in the Roland XP-80. I tried turning them OFF and still no sound.
On the AUX track, my INPUT is set to ANALOG 5-6 which is where the keyboard is plugged into on my 003 RACK. ( The mute button is off BTW )
The OUTPUT on the AUX track is set to OUTPUT 1-2
The MIDI track INPUT is set to ALL and the OUTPUT is set to ROLAND 5-6. My thought is that something is not set correctly in the XP-80 keyboard. Your thoughts?
WinXP Pro. 003 Rack, Command 8. Alesis Powered Monitors, Roland XP80 Kbd. Dual core 1.8 w/ 2 Gigs RAM
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