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Default Re: CLEAR ALL SOLO shortcut

Originally Posted by Ludicrous Speed View Post
Hey pals,

I'm kind of stuck on getting the iPad app to work.

After registering, it said I needed to install eucontrol on my laptop, so I just spent half an hour trying to find an installer, only to get 404 errors and such.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this all over the place?

Appreciate your helps.
After registering through the Control app on the iPad, go to your account and look in your "My Products and Subscriptions" and look for the "Pro Tools | Control and EuControl" line item, then go to the "Product Details and Download Links Show" and click show.
Installers will be there.

You need to install
"EUCON Workstation Unified Install"

for Mac or PC depending on your laptop
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