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Default Missing plugins on new 2020.5 Pro Tools install (Sansamp PSA-1 and others)

I'm finally getting around to transitioning over to Pro Tools, and though I've had a subscription for awhile, I'm just installing it for the first time on my current computer (Windows 10, installed via Avid Link). I've known that for years the Sansamp PSA-1 and a host of other plug-ins are supposed to be included in the base Pro Tools app, but it along with seemingly dozens of others are just flat out I doing something wrong? I'm happy to provide as many details and answer any questions to help get this sorted out. I've researched my issue and only found a handful of people who have been missing this, but most of those threads and articles date back at least 3 years. Does Pro Tools via subscription in 2020 no longer include this classic plug-in among many others?
I do at least see the Air series stuff, Eleven Effects, and a few others that I can see via Avid Link, and the very basic EQ/Comp/Gates, etc that are standard. Thanks ahead of time for your help and patience.
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