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Default Re: Need Help with AIR Structure - Creating a patch from imported samples

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
.... I'm using Structure 2.0 in PT 12.8 ....
Pro Tools 12.8 try Structure 2.0.7

As I'm sure you'll enjoy having the VST version of Structure 2.0.7 in Reason 10's Combinator (soon!) - now's a great time to grab the free version of Xpand!2 from

and upgrade it to get the entire AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Complete
"with its collection of twenty virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools for only $74.99 (149.99 list) a saving of 50%."

If you decide to take the plunge:
Backup your Favorites, Imported Audio and Presets from
C:\Program Files (x86)\AIR Music Technology\Structure

C:\ProgramData\AIR Music Technology\Structure

Structure Free (which comes bundled with Pro Tools) must be uninstalled before installing the Full version of Structure.

Uninstall Structure 2.0

Run CCleaner and restart computer.

Don't use the Structure 2.0.7 Updater (Windows) from

Instead use the Full Installer for Structure 2.0.7 from

PS interested to see if Transfuser behaves itself here
Were you using Transfuser version 2.0?
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