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Default Re: Mac Mini Late 2012 with Mavericks OSX

I also use a Mini 2012 i7 Quad with Mavericks 10.9.2 and Pro Tools 11.1.2 and
Iīm happy to say it works flawlessly here.

Maybe you should check out/consider getting a fast OS drive
(HD 7200rpm or even better a SSD-256GB will be space enough)
if you havenīt ordered it with such one anyway
as this improves the overall performance a lot (the original HD is only 5400rpm).

Anyway, regarding the Digi002 you may have a look there:
It seems, though some people are struggling getting it to work with PT11,
others definitely already have got it work well with the latest 003 drivers.
So it seems to be right possible.

This link (drivers) is posted in the thread anyway but here once again:

Wishing you the best, much success,


MacMini i7Quad, 16GB Ram, MBP Mid 2012 i5, 16GB Ram, MacOS 10.9.2, Apogee Quartet+Duet 2, Genelec Active, Yamaha NS10,
Pro Tools 11.1.2, Logic 10.0.6, Waves, MCDSP, Duende Native, Softube, HOFA, IK Multimedia etc
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