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I've been a user of Pro Tools SE for six years now and during these years I have installed the program via my start up disc without any problems. I've installed it on PCs and laptops without any stress regardless of the version of windows. Now I bought a heavy duty PC to get started on my album and other projects so when I go yo install it, the installation cancels as it says I need iLOK registration and it points me to to get one. I downloaded it but all it is is a program that hosts the iLok you already own.

This is the first time I've experienced this and my program never cam with ah iLok and I have no registration code as it has been 6 years and the box is gone. Is there anyway I can bypass this or could someone tell me what's going on? I've never been asked for an iLok before. My windows version is 8. Please respond! It's frustrating to spend 300 dollars on a PC and not even be able to use it for what you bought it for!!
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