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Default Best slots for 001 PCI card and RAM chips?


Does it matter which slot you place the 001 PCI card in? I've heard various reports, and some say it makes no difference. Any comments? I've currently got mine in one of the lower slots.

Also, how about the RAM chips? PC guys have told me that it's important to put your largest RAM stick in the "first" slot, etc. Any comments / info on this? What is the best way to install the physical RAM chips? (I have three sticks, a 512, 256 and 128)

I'm about to tear my system down to bare-bones and rebuild it from scratch in order to try to lose the Type 1, 2, 3 errors, and I want to do everything letter-perfect. I MUST beat this Type 1, 2, 3 error problem!

Thanks. -imp
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