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Default Re: PTLE8 digitranslator

Actually this is not correct.

Neither the Complete Toolkit nor the DV Toolkit unlock the Digitranslator function in PT8. It is only unlocked by having a specific Digitranslator license on your Ilok.

Both the Complete and DV Toolkits were bundled with that license when they were sold at the time of PT8, but it was a separate Ilok license (just like the other bundled plugins).

So all he needs is a Digitranslator license (and he may need the installer as well, but that's already available on his disc). He may be able to find that used from someone for perhaps $50-75 since so many people have it and it was not needed after the release of PT9 and onward.

Just wanted to set the record straight, because if he bought a DV or Complete Toolkit Ilok license on its own, he still would be missing that functionality. But he could buy the Digitranslator license on its own and have what he needs.

To Shacke,

The fact that it's on the install discs does not mean it was free with PT8, as Digi/Avid would often include installers on the discs for separately purchased plugins just for the sake of convenience, though it also causes confusion, as you have found out.

So your choices are either to buy a used Digitranslator Ilok license from someone, or upgrade to any version of Protools 9 and up, as that functionality was from that point on built in to Protools standard.
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