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Default Re: Help with adding a Crane Song HEDD to a Mix24 setup

Originally Posted by DC11 View Post
... I know I can use it as a word clock and as a AD/DA converter. Can it do both at the same time?
Yes, it can do all 3 at the same time... (WC, ADC, & DAC)

To do the former, do I use the 75ohm cable, right? And where does it go? I've got my 3 888's hooked up using that for master and slave. Do I hook up both the WC in and out?
1) Yep. 75 ohm, coax...
2) Is there a BNC IN on the 888's? If so, the HEDD WC OUT should connect to the first of your 3 888s BNC IN. Then I'm assuming (maybe incorrectly?) that, like the 192's, the 3X 888s can sync internally via Sync Lock, or whatever the hell digi calls their proprietary linking.
3) If you're planning on trading off master/slave relationship, then you CAN hook both up, but it seems unnecessary to me... but then, I don't know your app. for it.

Or should I be using AES/EBU connections instead.
You have this option as well. If you're using it for the converters, then obviously you don't want to run it this way... but if you're just using it as a clock and a VERY EXPENSIVE alternative to Phoenix , then, "sure, go right ahead"....

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