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Default Re: Trim Clip Start and Trim Clip End

Originally Posted by jasperbhome View Post
Thank you to all who responded but my question is about a new feature in PT Control. Trim clip start trims 1 frame from the start of a highlighted clip, and 1 frame from the end of a clip for Trim Clip End.
I am looking for the key command or pull-down menu that has these commands.
It's not by 1 frame. It's by whatever you set your nudge value (in your case, 1 frame)

Trim left edge of Clip to right/left by Nudge value (Mac/Win):
  • Option+Plus/Minus (+/–) keys
  • Alt+Plus/Minus (+/–) keys
Trim right edge of Clip to right/left by Nudge value (Mac/Win):
  • Command+Plus/Minus (+/–) keys
  • Control+Plus/Minus (+/–) keys
plus/minus keys have to be on the numeric pad.
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