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Default Re: Apollo 16 and HD Native

I have an Apollo 16 running in PT11. I have MAJOR regret. It will not use the DSP in my super awesome brand new stupidly powerful Mac, and the DSP in the Apollo (all four chips) MAXES OUT with only....are you ready.....7 NEVE 1073 plugs inserted. The Neve 1073 plug in takes a whopping 40.7% DSP of a single chip PER instance !! There are 4 chips in the A16. It would take an A16 PLUS TWO Custom Satellites' to run a Neve on every channel. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't be using a Neve on every channel, but the best sounding plugs take massive DSP. Here is the link to the plugs usage.

If I was doing it again, I would buy a system that can use ALL the resources available, and not just what's inside it !


My 2 cents
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