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Default Re: Sound Editing in ProTools LE

All the editors where I work, pretty much work that way on their MACS.

Excuse me, but...what's the point of this?

The point is, that most editors I know use one monitor. Therefore if he is satisfied with using one monitor for editing, then the other output of any cheap Video card can be used for picture, without having to spend more money.
As long as the picture and audio are on separate drives (not separate partitions of the sam drive), he'll be fine.

Personally, when I am editing, I am fine having a small quicktime on one of my 2 LCD monitors. Then I'll check it later on the TV. But that's me. I don't assume that the way i work, works for everyone.

Hence the question, can you live with one editing monitor.

That is my solution to the problem. Your post however, contributed nothing at all.
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