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Default Re: I finally caved and bought omnisphere 2

Then I'd say you're all set and you're in for a real treat! It will be "Just slide the pizza under the door please" time!

One of the features I really like in Omni is the plethora of fx they have and the multiple ways you can apply them. There are some very creative fx included, nicely done visually for ease of use, but also nicely done sonically, for good sound.

Omni is also a true multi-timbral VI in that you can have up to 8 separate patches layered together (each made up of up to 4 separate oscillators (or samples), mapped however you wish across the keyboard, and each can be individually controlled on their own MIDI channel, AND, each can have their audio routed out to separate audio/aux tracks.

You can also import your own MIDI grooves to make your own arps to add to the dozens already on board.

Its a real powerhouse!

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