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Default Re: I finally caved and bought omnisphere 2

Thanks Donald for such a thoughtful reply.

It seems like I will really enjoy it.

Currently the imac pro in my sig, where it will be installed, is around double in single core performance, and 2.5x the multi core in Geekbench and Cinebench.

These don't always translate to DAW and plugin use but it does mean that I'll be ok to play Omnisphere at a 128 buffer.

Pro Tool's freeze and commit is exceptional and I am not at all adverse to using it, but I do like to get as much done in realtime as possible with VI's. This is only because I find midi easier to edit than audio.

I am very well aware of Johns' work, he's an exceptional sound designer. I bought a few of his products at his Xmas sale, and I will get some of the omnisphere titles next sale.

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