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Default Re: Pro Tools crashing every time I open a new session

With all due respect, Darryl, I definitely talked about everything I've tried within thread, right down to which files I ended up deleting. I also explained that it's crashing in every session I have from other albums as well. I can't even open a session, close it, shut down pro tools and get my computer to shut down without forcing it off a the power source. The only plugs I have in the current session are PT ones, mcdsp ones with a license ilok, and Universal Audio ones that go along with the card. I will have to go through the plug in list and error logs when I have some time. I'm in the middle of producing an album for an out of state band for about 20 days straight. So, I'm just kind of limping along with this while we work and was hoping for a quick fix. This is a computer that I've used professionally for some years. So, nothing's running in the background and all drives should have been optimized for several years, but I will double check it. I appreciate the help, and I will give these steps a shot when I have some time and report back.
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