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Default Re: PT 7.3/Mbox Pro 2 Sound Input/Output Issues

I have the same problom dude!! Get the newest Ptle7.3.1.cs update and install that, That kinda fixed my issue but not all the way, I have a way around it tho.

First get that update, Install it and restart, Run protools and see if anything works, If it doesent close it down and re install that update, after it reboots it should work, I had this Exact same problom, Also remember to open up your Mixer track and select the right inputs and press the [R] to here the sound run threw.

I honestly think its a bug with the new Mboxes....i had this problom for a long time! and digisupport acts like a nigga is stupid sumtimes, Since i didnt get any helpfull responsis, Only, make sure you press R, and you cant here Audio threw Midi, and so on. lol

before opening up protools, try to open an mp3 from the computer, and see if it works for ya, if theres sound comming threw, Open up Pt, Try to run it, if there is no sound at all, u got the same problom i have, Just run the Cs update instal reboat and Pt should work fine...Untill u turn off the computer that
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