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Default Protools 8 LE/ Error 5000 / Protools freezes constantly HELP!

I Have been having trouble First of all with the new ERROR 5000! then i try everything suggested and change my disc permissions so that i am the administrator of and can Read/Write of everything in my MAC OS Drive. Wahoo it works no more error message.

However now protools will be lucky to start up without freezing and the need to force quit. occasionly i run disk permissions and it will run protools again but only once. now it wont at all.

I HAVE TRIED PRETY MUCH everthing!, reinstalling the whole system, re installed protools numeruos times, applying disc permissions to only problematic plugins which error mesage occurs from which are all AIR Plugins and all INSTRUMENT Plugins! been over a month now very frustrated as i sold my PC to get a mac, now im thinking why did I do that!!
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