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Default Re: Removeable IDE drives in G4?


Thanks for the heads-up on the slave IDE size issue. I wonder - does that apply to the AGP/graphite models as well as the Quicksilvers?


My PC rig is as follows:
ASUS A7V133 mb / 266 fsb, AMD 1.2 Ghz processor, 512 RAM,
32mb video, 20 GB system hd and 2 60 GB removeable IDE drives.

Currently running WIN98SE, Gigastudio 160, ACID Pro 3.0, etc..

Audio is a GINA 24 and midi is handled by a Motu Micro Express (PC serial version, not USB version).

I have the Mac/PT rig and the PC rig networked via "DAVE" software which allows me to drag files from one rig to the other via shared folders and TCP/IP ethernet. Great for exporting loops from ACID straight into PT.

For sequencing, PT/Mac is my sequencer, sending midi from an Opcode Studio 4 into the PC's Micro Express midi inputs. Not having a lightpipe/ADAT bridge type hookup on my PT rig, I tend to record the audio from Gigastudio analog out of the Gina into the 888/24's inputs.

If you have an HD rig (already with lightpipe) or an ADAT bridge you might want to consider the Frontier Dakota/Montana combo or the RME Hammerfall for audio output from the PC. They offer more Adat outs than the Gina. I liked the fact that the Gina gave me flexibility: Analog/ADAT/SPDIF options and is very cost-effective.
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