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Default Re: PT 10.3.10 Waves issue please help

Thanks for the response. I contacted Waves and they gave me the same response but I have tried that and still can not open my Waves on PT 10. I'm experiencing weird issues.

I see Waves loading up on loading PT. PT is seeing it to scan it but will not load into PT 10. I have checked all the WaveShells and they are where they are supposed to be but it seems that they will not read them for some reason.

I have done a complete uninstall with Trasher, complete reformat of my entire Win10 and got rid of every other program on my system that isn't PT, Waves or Toontrack and still can't get this resolved. I have got to be missing something else...

I noticed that Waves isn't installing anything in the license folder but Waves said my Gold package is 100% activated on my system. I even tried saving it to a usb drive but nothing changes. Now remember AAX is fine for PT12 ( but my PT12 freezes) so I can't use that either but I can see them in plugins. PT12 only.
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