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Default PT 10.3.10 Waves issue please help


I purchased a Gold Bundle from Waves. I can open it in PT12 but not PT10. I have called Waves and they originally walked me through set up for the package though their Waves Central loader which allowed PT12 to add them and I can add them to a track without a problem. Everything is in the right spot obviously for PT12 but I still can not open Waves in PT10. Everything else shows up but just not Waves. Funny thing is that PT12 loads them fine and fast.

So I was wondering how PT10 searches for the plugin vs PT12? Is there something I have to do differently between versions? I use PT10 for the older non Waves plugins which are all loading into PT10...wierd. I tried to reload PT10 but still has same issue.

I had older single Waves plugins then bought the gold pkg. Could there be older Waveshells conflicting with the newer pkg? and Yes they are paid for not stolen versions.

Any help would be appreciated.

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