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Default MIDI Patch Names

This is complete BS !!!! I don't know who @ Digidesign thinks that this can be called a MIDI enviroment when I can't even get my MIDI modules to function as they should. I'm ANGRY !!!! I waited till v6.1 for all this nonsense to subside and now this. This will take at least a couple of days to figure out . $1300.00 wasted (6.1 upgrade + MIDI I/O + Waves extortion fee, etc....) as I'm still working on our OS9 PTv5.3.1 till this one is figured out.

Enough is Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (same song and dance moving from Mix+ to HD). I understand everybody needs to make money but this is dead wrong, there should have been a blurb in print about this somewhere before I put all this in motion.

C'mon Digi make this right, yeah I know we are all in the same boat and it's Apple's fault, but i didn't give Apple my $1300.00 plus for this upgrade.
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