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Default Re: Permission denied (13) "Pro tools 2018.10"

With a new MBP the place you should likely be running audio sessions is off the super fast internal PCIe/NVMe SSD, not an external drive. Keep session backups/archives etc. on (multiple) external drives. The internal drive will be faster than anything else you can connect. A Thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD like a Samsung X5 or Sonet Fusion Thunderbolt 3 will be close. Advice to use dedicated audio/session drives no longer makes sense with these super fast SSD drives, let alone with them and disk cache.

Drag and drop a session folder to your internal drive and try running it from there. If you get the same error open, use the cd command to change directory into the folder you copied over and then in that folder type the command:

ls -l *

To get a long format directory listing, and copy and paste that output here.

And type the command


To show the account id and post that output here as well.
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